About us


“Brēķu studenti” Ltd. began its operations in 1992, December 10. Originally set up as a farm, on June 21, 2000 it was transformed into a limited company. At the moment we are one of the leading companies in Jēkabpils region.
In the beginning we only engaged in logging and timber sales, but now the number of fields we work in has extended considerably, at the moment including:

To be successful in a highly competitive environment, the company constantly analyzes supplements and modernizes both its resource and equipment base and its areas of operation by acquiring appropriate permissions and licenses.
In 2005 we bought a modern forwarder, an up-to-date caterpillar bulldozer, an excavator, and a multifunctional stone crusher, which is the first unit of such kind in Latvia. Altogether our machinery and transport fleet includes 43 units.
To secure successful exploitation or current and future equipment, we are currently working on modernizing and expanding our maintenance and repair base. By attracting support from European Union structural funds, this project is expected to speed up.